Do I need a powermeter?

No. Having a powermeter is fantastic training tool but not a necessity. Although not a requirement, having at least a HR monitor is advised

What if I just want to get fitter? Does it matter that I don’t race?

Not at all – a lot of people don’t want to race but want to be the very best they can within their time schedule. The priority for me is utilising the time you have for training and maximising its potential

I work a lot of hours, can I still benefit from a Felix English Coaching training plan?

Of course – Felix English Coaching plans are based around your schedule. Each session is personalised to ensure you get the most out of every pedal stroke

You’re still racing full time, does that have a negative effect on the amount of time you have to coach?

Not at all, if anything it benefits my riders. I always ensure I dedicate more than enough time for my coaching. Being part of an Olympic team gives me access to the latest and greatest training methods – which in turn, are passed down to my coached riders

Is there a minimum number of months I have to sign up for?

No, you choose how long you wish to sign up for. Obviously, I recommend continuing with the plan in order to see big improvements but you’re not tied down to anything

If my situation changes, can I opt out of coaching at short notice?

Of course – at any time you’re free to cancel your coaching plan